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Conduit Covers




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Conduit Covers - Product Pricing

A More Cost-Effective Solution for Short-Term

Protection than Plastic Caps or Plugs



Conduit Covers pricing for its poly-bag covers is competitive with that of plastic caps and plugs.


Plus, since Conduit Covers are so flexible in their use, you will be able to reduce your inventory costs.


And Conduit Covers are easy to transport and apply to all types of hoses, pipes, lines, fittings, and connectors.


Value Effect Pricing


Conduit Covers product line creates value by offering high quality products that are competitively priced with other product protection methods.

Value creation is further evidenced by the substantial reduction of time spent sizing caps and plugs and managing cap and plug inventories.

Equally important, Conduit Covers create value by packaging their products in a unique storage bag that can be easily accessed and stored during usage of the
product.  This concept eliminates the need to purchase large divider boxes to store caps and plugs.  Furthermore, large divider boxes take up valuable space on mobile service trucks.

Finally, one can only imagine the value of preventing ground contamination from residual oil spillage caused from a leaking conduit line.

Order Requirements


The minimum order quantity is 100 for each of the Conduit Covers products.


Quantity Discounts


Attractive quantity discounts are available.  Contact us at 1-800-513-1618 or for pricing details.


Credit Terms

Please call our customer service department at 1-800-513-1618 to set up an account and establish credit terms.  We offer a net 30 day policy subject to credit approval.  Oftentimes, we request a credit application to be completed prior to establishing an account. We also accept VISA or Master Card.




Conduit Covers knows that you will be satisfied with our flexible poly-bag covers.  That is why we can offer this guarantee:


If you are not completely satisfied with our products just return them to us.  We offer a 30 day "no hassle" product return policy.  Please call our customer service department at 1-800-513-1618 to receive a returned goods authorization number.


Note: Items are subject to a restocking charge, and customers will be responsible for shipping charges on cancelled orders.


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